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Cerakote is a ceramic and polymer coating applied to hard finishes in order to achieve bold looks and better protection. Developed for firearms in the 1980s, the coating provides a heightened level of durability to hard surfaces making it ideal for firearms and related gear. The coating specifically protects against abrasions, common when training on the range or traipsing through the woods, in addition to delivering corrosion resistance.


Laser Customization

If you're a firearm enthusiast, you should know that laser engraving is an excellent way to personalize your firearms for either yourself or for a gift. Our firearm laser engraving capabilities are also adept at producing precision marks on a wide variety of materials and metals.



Want more traction on your Glock or other polymer gun?Stippling may be the perfect solution for you. Stippling is a permanent texture applied to the frame using heat. This texture provides the operator with a stronger, more secure grip on the firearm as well as giving factory firearms a more customized look.


Slide Modifications

Slide modifications are commonly done in order to enhance various aspects of the performance of a firearm. These can range from serrations for grip, windows for porting, or milling for optics. No matter how simple or complex the job we are here to help. 



Whether it’s  maintenance, reassembly, repair, or diagnostics, our Elite Weapon Solutions Tech can ensure that your firearm works and functions safely.. Our gunsmiths will check for potential  issues with your firearm, and make repairs or recommendations for your specific type of firearm. We want you shooting safe! 


Ready to make your weapon elite?

Refund Policy
Custom work and deposits are non-refundable

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